Thursday, March 8, 2012


So again I haven't been posting but I have been doing stuff! Even have half a post written just needs photos...

Things are really gonna start getting crazy with all the fun stuff we have squeezed into every weekend until Sept! So if your lucky ill post some pictures of our painted basement, upstairs trim, our bedroom and hopefully some day our bathroom! See told ya I've been busy!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Black Friday 2011

So most holidays Tyler & I try to come up with a video to show off. Usually its of our vacation trip that we took over the summer along with some commercials and ofcourse a few pranks!
This Christmas we showed off our South by South Dakota Video of our summer trip to South Dakota with Caleb & Lindsey. And our Black Friday Video.
Come Black Friday we head out to the stores and see what crazyness we can find. This year though I thought it'd be fun to do a short video of us out getting the deals. Instead of posting it to the blog we went with youtube so that it can be bigger.
Only thing is you have to click on the link to view it. I'm not a big fan of youtube and becoming a 15 minute celebrity so that is why you can only find the video from the link.
So without further ado here is the link...

Let me know what ya'll think! We also have other videos we will try and post later!
xoxo r

Friday, November 18, 2011

Office Sunshine

Our office is staring to look a lot more happy! :)
Tyler spends alot of time in the office so he had the last say in what color to go with and his finally choice is... Baby Buttercup!
The bathroom also got the same color, and boy is it bright in there! So here are a few before photos

Lovely border right?
Here are some pictures with the border gone and boxes finally cleaned up. On the wall is a few paint swatches I was thinking green or yellow and I'm glad we went with the yellow.

Thankfully the wallpaper came off very easy! I peeled it off and it came down in 3 stripes but the glue was still on the wall. As you can see in the last few shots. So I grab a plastic scraper from lowes, plastic allowed me not to hurt the walls like the other paint scrapper did. Then I look a squirt bottle filled with water and sprayed a section and it came right off! I'm hoping the upstairs border comes off just as easy!

Mom came over and helped and she did a great job! She's officially hired with no pay :)
She was a rolling fool and had the room done by the time I was finished cutting corners!
Then it was on to the tiny bathroom!

Yeah its a bright yellow!
(this picture doesn't show the right yellow cause i look it on my phone, but its my favorite!)

I'm so glad that it only took 1 coat to cover! So we knocked this out in a less than 6 hours and had the office looking back to normal by the time Tyler got home!

And here is how it looks today!

Finally got a few thing hung up on the walls. And the desk is my favorite:) Got some old doors from my dad and stumbled upon the legs when we went junk shopping in manhattan with Caleb & Priscilla.
We still plan on putting another door desk up against the other wall so I can have a place to keep my computer and craft stuff. We are just about to wrap up framing the bathroom mirror so I'll post on how that turns out, so far its looking good. :)

xoxo ~r

Sunday, November 6, 2011


So before I start the biggest project of all...Well biggest project since we moved I need to share with you the first big paint project! The Kitchen!

The maroon had to go, nothing against the color its just not us.
There wasn't really to much maroon when you look at it, just the textured wall in the dining room and above the cabinets. But that maroon took a lot to cover! 2 coats of kilz and 2 coats of blue! 3 coats above the cabinets because I did that all by brush because I didn't feel comfortable with a roller going into tight spaces. So here it is!

As soon as we get the office put back together I'll post on that!
Having thanksgiving at our house has really kicked our butts in gear to get stuff done!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Painting the town

So we've been here for a few weeks and have gotten most of the things put away but we were ready to put our stamp on it and add some color.
Most of the colors in our house are neutral colors which is awesome expect I've lived with them in apartments/duplex for 4.5 years so I am so ready for COLOR!
I feel in love with Dutch Boy Infidelity Pool, ya guessed it Turquoise! And I went straight for the front door.

Do ya see it? It blends in with all of the walls...not very exciting.
But now....

BAM! Now you can find it!

Here is a what the front of the house looked like before with the door white.

And now blue! LOVE IT!
I'll be back later to show you what else got Infidelity Pool Paint!
Lets just say my house is looking very cheerful & bright!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We bought our first house!!!! Its perfect for us and I absolutely LOVE IT! It's in a small little town between both of our works, closer for me though! Its 2 stories with a full basement and a sunporch!! We started seriously looking in July went to a few open houses got a realtor who was extremely helpful (let me know if you need one!) and listened to what we were wanting. He was patience with us which was great because we had no idea if we would find what we wanted in the price we wanted. I think we looked at close to 10 houses before we came and checked out this house. We really liked it threw in a couple of offers and in about 3 hours it was ours!!

We just moved in this past weekend thanks to the help of our family coming down to help unpack clean and setup a few things the house is coming together! So this is how things are looking after the first few days!
The Front Of the House
When you walk the in door this is what you see..
Office there is a 1/2 bath over in the corner too. This room is far from being complete, but we have a lot of plans for it!
Looking from the stairs to the front door.
Kitchen in the back, the maroon will be changing to a brighter color :)
Here is our full basement! It also has our laundry room another bedroom and a bathroom!
So there is a small tour of our first house! We have lots of ideas and projects so we'll be sure to keep you posted!

Monday, September 26, 2011


On a new blog look! Yes I change my blog design more than I post. That's just the designer in me!
So bare with me because my new blog header will be awesome!!
Hope everyone is doing good!